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Product information

This may be your first time with our product. In that case, the typical sea smell and taste may take some getting used to. Irish Moss is a nutritious sea plant from the red seaweed group. To make the taste a little more neutral, we recommend mixing one teaspoon per day. For example, in your smoothie, dairy-free elixir, soups, raw dressings, homemade nut/seed milk…etc. The possibilities are enormous! Did you know that you can even use our Irish Moss powder for cooking? Keep an eye on our QR code for recipes and more tips.

Intake tip: Do not mix Irish Moss powder with dairy products. The absorption of Irish Moss by the body works best if it is not taken with food with a lower pH value acidification than pH7.

Everything you wanted to Know about Irish Moss

Irish Moss scientific name is Chondrus Crispus. It’s rich in Vitamins & Minerals, Vitamine B12, Magnesium, Protein, Anti-oxidant & Anti-virals, natural Gelatine, Vegan friendly. Soothing effect on mucus membranes aiding winter coughs, bronchitis & pneumonia. Aids against the effect of cancer & radiation poisoning as well as peptic & Duodenal ulcers. Helps Strengthen connective tissue including Hair, Nails & Skin.

Irish Moss increases your sexual health

Irish Moss is High in Zinc and other Minerals that support reproductive functions, and increase the sex drive. Its anti-inflammatory properties in particular promote efficient blood circulation throughout the entire body, including to reproductive organs.


Did you know?

  • Cough & Cold
  • Powder form
  • Rebuilds the cells
  • Menstrual cramps
Cough & Cold
Irish Moss was traditionally used as a natural cough & cold remedy.
Powder form
Irish Moss in powder form is absorbed into your blood faster. The powder is digested in your small intestine and absorbed into your blood after about 1 hour.
Rebuilds the cells
Irish Moss (Chondrus Crispus) rebuilds the cells in the body after all of the harmful toxins were eliminated. There is no other sea moss. That heals the body on a molecular level, but Irish Moss.
Menstrual cramps
Painful periods or menstrual cramps, is pain during menstruation. The technical name is dysmenorrhea. It normally occurs around the time that menstruation begins, and symptoms typically last less than three days. During the menstruation, womens levels in this specific mineral Potassium drop about 50% causing painful cramping, bloating and constipation. Irish Moss rich in Vitamins & Minerals reduce period pain and helps if your menstrual issues are caused by mineral deficiencies.

Irish Moss for Mental Health

Irish Moss is loaded with many Vitamins, but one of the most ample is Potassium. Adding the seaweed to any diet can boost mental health benefits and relieve many symptoms of anger, irritability, anxiety disorders, depression, and fibromyalgia. Potassium is commonly associated with mood disorders, and a study in 2008 by the “British Journal of Nutrition” showed that people on a High-Potassium diet had fewer symptoms of tension and depression compared to those who didn’t consume as much Potassium.

For athletes

Irish Moss maximises pre workouts.

It can help you build strong, lean muscles, it is particularly rich in Protein. It contains an Amino acid called Taurine, which helps the body burn fat instead of carbohydrates during cardio, it also contains Selenium, Vitamins B1, B2, B12, Vitamin C and Collagen which help build muscle fibres, thus supporting muscle recovery. It is also great for post-workout recovery.


Irish Moss is a rich source of magnesium. It’s involved in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body. Muscles need this mineral to contract, nerves need it to send and receive messages. It keeps your heart beating steadily and your Immune system strong.


Irish Moss & Pregnancy

It’s great for pregnant women and can be one of nature’s prenatal supplements.
It is high in Folic acid (B9/B11), B1, B2, B12 Vitamins, Iron, Iodine, Calcium, Phosphorus and more….
As one of the most nutrient dense food on our planet and with its high Mineral content, Irish Moss
can support the health of both the mother and the baby.
It is highly beneficial in supporting the healthy production of amniotic fluid. After birth, the baby benefits from the nourishment it adds to breast milk.


Irish Moss Powder helps against




Joint support


Skin care


Weight loss




Detox & Cleanse


Sexual Health



Irish Moss Powder helps against




Skin problems


Lung diseases


Digestive problems


Swollen joints


High blood pressure
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